Letcar’s management team has a combined total of over 200 accumulated years in technical expertise, based in Fort McMurray since 2001.

Letcar takes pride in having the majority of our staff reach tenures of 8-12 years, investing their lives and careers in both company and community to service Fort McMurray, our Indigenous neighbours and industry with unparalleled quality, safety and expertise to provide cost efficient successes.

Steve Letkeman – General Manager

Todd Heathcote – Operations Manager

Phil Coyle – Service Manager

Jaren Schile – Project Manager

Mike Claggett – Project Manager

Billy Graham – Project Manager

Claudia Covelli – Controller

Carol Armstrong – Administrative Coordinator, Fort McMurray

Laura Haanappel – Administrative Coordinator

Deb Claggett – Administrative Coordinator, Calgary/Edmonton

Winny Bolink – Administrative Coordinator